Further client feedback

A.S., Penrose - "The CV looks amazing!!  Thank you so much!!  I really like it! :).  To be honest, I was trying to choose between your company and another one.  I liked yours the most as your website looks the most professional from all the companies on the NZ market.  The communication with you is so much nicer and I feel I'm talking to a real person rather than an automated copy and paste response."

John H, Auckland - "The CV looks very good, nice improvement over what I had before.  I am very happy with your work."

M.E., Iraq - "Your instant response is the best response I've ever experienced as well as the most unique, short, smart, specific, value for money and rich CV I've ever had.  I truly appreciate it is worth much more than the offered price."

M.G., Auckland - "Looks really good, far better than what I cobbled together.  I tried to read it as an employer looking to recruit staff and it was easy to find the key points that as an employer you look for.  Thank you very much."

Erin M, Auckland - "Wow, what a difference, I wish I had done this a long time ago, thank you so much!"

Gilbert L, Grey Lynn - "I am really happy with your services as I found my CV to be outstanding.  I will surely recommend your services to my friends as well."

G.S., Southland - "Wow that is brilliant, just brilliant.  I am more than happy with what you have done for me here.  Thank you."

S.M., Auckland – "I had a so-called professional CV done earlier this year by another company but didn't get an interview after 3 months.  What I really appreciated about CVExpress was they sent me an example of what my CV would look like before I purchased and it looked so much better than the other one, I was very happy to order.  The cover letter is amazing and I feel so much better about my job search now."

C.L., Auckland - "The new CV and cover letter look great!  Thank you for you help, your service is very efficient and professional." 

Bernie M., Wellington - Thank you for the cover letters.  They were successful at getting me interviews.""

Thani P., Auckland - "You did such a great job.  I'm very impressed with the CV and you pay such close attention to the small details that really make a difference.  Thanks so much."

M.J.B., Gisborne - "It is a work of art!"

Fredy J, India - "I am glad to see my new CV, it's really a great work."

Diana S, Auckland - "Wow thank you very much for the work done on this CV and the cover letter.  Very impressive, so much so that I did have to go back and think, is that what I've done?" :)

G.Z., Auckland - "Thank you very much.  You did an excellent job, I can't think of a thing that I would like to change.  It's perfect!"

J.M., Ecuador - "I am very happy with the CV + cover letter.  Will definitely recommend you if I hear of anybody needing a CV reboot."

Ritu T, Auckland - "I am so thankful I contacted you.  My CV is fab.  I never knew I have so many qualities. Thank you.  God bless you."

Andy J, South Africa - "I have a job that involves a lot of international travel and am based in New Zealand at the moment.  The CV you did for me will work great in any country - I showed it to some of my colleagues around the world for their feedback, some of whom are pretty high powered, and they said it inspired them to get their CVs done as well, it was concise, covered all the various aspects of my job and I am very impressed, as are my colleagues.  Very happy to do this recommendation for your service."

Mel D, Gisborne - "Thanks again for that wonderful CV and cover letter you made!  I tried to hire another company but was disappointed with the service."

Teresa M, Auckland - "Thank you so much for the excellent job you have done on my CV.  I'm really impressed and will definitely be recommending your services to friends and colleagues."

Amanda W, Auckland - "I am very happy and am confident that this will give me a very good chance for an interview."

Jason B, Hamilton - "That looks fantastic.  Thank you so much for your professional CV and cover letter you have sent me.  I also wish to thank you for the fast turnaround so I could send to the deadline." 

Marie W, Upper Hutt - "Thank you so much, that is so much more professional and I really prefer it.  I feel much more confident sending in my CV and cover letter now."

Kunal S, India - "Appreciate your work.  Awesome work.  Thank you so much, I would strongly recommend CVExpress to my friends."

Mel B, Auckland - "Looks awesome."

Michelle R, Lower Hutt - "Thank you for all your hard work, it is much appreciated.  I can now concentrate on applying for positions and not worry about having to do my CV or cover letters.  The service you provided was excellent and very professional."

Alex R, Auckland - "The CV looks great to me - much better than the original I've sent to you."

Nathan M, North Shore - "Thank you once again for your help and assistance Linda, CV certainly looks a lot more professional now, so really appreciate that."

Jordan C, Wellington - "That looks great, thanks!!"

K.E., Auckland - "Many thanks for your help in doing my CV.  It was a task that was daunting and you have made it feel so easy."

Pam N, Auckland - "I am utterly impressed with the compilation and representation of my work history, and thanks for really accommodating the time constraint that was placed on you to get this done.  I feel a lot more confident representing myself to a prospective employer."

J.Q., Taupo - "That looks really good!"

Kim R, Wellington - "Thanks so much for all of your help, you guys run an awesome service!"  

Deb J, Auckland - "Thank you very much for the CV, looks fantastic, so professional.  Cover letter is great."

Amal J, Auckland - "My 4 page CV is now just 2 and, more interesting, it has everything still in it!  Thanks a lot for this and I am super satisfied with your work.  I couldn't find anything to adjust or change."

T.D., South Africa - "I never thought it was possible to get the points across the way you did." 

Abi S, Auckland - "Thanks, it looks great."

Andy, Hawkes Bay - "I think the CV and cover letter read 'great'.  I am very happy.  Thank you for your great service." 

Kylee L, Northland - "We have read the documents and they are perfect.  Thank you."

B.K., Manawatu - "Thought I'd let you know that I have had two more interviews from the CV that you wrote for me."

R Suman, India - "My CV and cover letter look way better than before.  I appreciate your time that you have spent on it."

Shannon C, Invercargill  "I can't thank you enough for helping me.  I now have a lot more confidence than I did this time yesterday!  You've made this whole process very easy and I've actually learnt a few things!  I'm going to bed a very happy chappy tonight."

R.S.Auckland  "I'm really impressed with my new CV!  They got it back to me the same morning.  I'm very happy." 

R.G., Wellington - "Thank you very much for creating an awesome Resume." 

Cheryl SAuckland - "You're a star!  You've taken a huge weight off my shoulders, thank you so much."

M.M., Christchurch - "The cover letter looks fantastic - thanks so much for that.  It all looks fabulous."

Annette L, Napier - "I'm very impressed with your work.  Thank you."

D.M., Torbay - "Excellent work!  It looks more professional now!"

Moana T, Auckland - "I'm very impressed.  Loved it!  Thank you so much." 

Martine H, Auckland - "I am very pleased with my new CV.  Thank you very much."

G.R., Kilbirnie - "Appreciate all the effort you have put into this.  Thanks for your valuable and fast services."