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Include dates worked, employer name and location, and a brief description of your duties.
Include dates, school or university and location. Include any courses, training or ongoing education (online included), qualifications, diplomas or certificates achieved. If you are a recent graduate, email us your transcripts or provide a list of your courses.
What computer/technical programmes can you use? Include MS Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, accounting packages such as MYOB & Xero, IT operating systems, social media, and any specialised or in-house systems.
Include any professional or personal memberships or affiliations.
Give a few examples of significant achievements in your work - indicate which role they apply to, and use facts and figures as much as possible. Examples include promotions, being seconded to work on a complex project, being part of a team that developed a system to reduce costs by $450k, increased sales by 45% in first 12 months, how you specifically helped a customer, taking on responsibilities not part of your job description, etc.
What is your nationality and eligibility to work in NZ? Citizen, Permanent Resident, Work Visa, Student Visa, or seeking a job offer? If on a Visa, provide the expiry date.
Examples include CPR, First Aid, Manager's Certificate. Do you have a NZ Driver's Licence, or Forklift or Boat licence etc?
Include any community involvement.
Any awards received from work such as Employee of the Month, or relevant academic or personal awards?
What do you consider your 3-4 top work skills? Give examples of how you used these skills if possible. What is the main skill or achievement you want an employer to be aware of? What do you have to offer that nobody else does?
What are your personal characteristics - are you outgoing, confident, quiet etc.
What are your career plans and hopes? What sort of role are you looking for?
If you have received any written references, please email them through. If you have a favourite saying, quote or personal philosophy, include it here.
What is your level of English (native, fluent, intermediate)? What other languages do you know or speak, and what level?