Genuine client results 2014-2019:

We are proud to share these emails from our clients on the success they have had with their new CVs - these show more than just that our clients 'like' their new CV, but that they achieve true results - our client satisfaction rating is 99.8%.

M.N., Auckland - "Wanted to share the happy news of getting my first job in New Zealand. Thanks for your professional experience in getting my CV and cover letter prepared. Being new to New Zealand worried me and you made it simpler."  (Senior Test Engineer)

Celisse M., USA - “I wanted to let you know I was offered a job with Westpac Bank! The CV and cover letter were so amazing and I know it was because of these I was given a chance while applying from overseas. Thank you again for all your help.” (Branch Manager)

Reid P., Auckland - "Just a follow up to say thank you!  I’ve found a permanent role.  Having seen a few CVs in my line of work and thinking about the responses I got from the applications and from the consultants I talked with, the revamped CV (plus the covering letter and LinkedIn profile) were key in generating some interest.  I also very much appreciated your replies to my emails, gave me a bit of a boost when you’re in that difficult job search mindset."  (Human Resources Specialist)

J.J., Wellington - “I got the job at the Ministry of Social Development as Administration Officer in the Wellington CBD as exactly prepared in my new CV. Your CV absolutely did the magic. Thank you sooo much dear Linda. Can't tell you how much I appreciate it.” (Administrator)

D.B., Auckland - “I am really happy to let you know that I got a job at Auckland Council as a Planner. I got two interviews with my new CV - thanks for your support and making my CV a special one.” (Town Planner)

Roy I., Napier - “I am glad to let you know that I have been offered a top notch position in one of Napier’s restaurants, bars and pubs. This is all possible through the support you extended in preparing my CV and cover letter, and I thank you for that.” (Restaurant Manager)

L.Y., The Netherlands - “I applied for the permanent role at MBIE with your CV and cover letter. I was invited for an interview and offered the role with acceptance of my Work Visa.” (Client Services Officer)

L.P., Wellington - “I really want to express my sincere gratitude for helping me to secure a job as a Registered Nurse with the mighty help of your CV. My Manager said your CV stood out from all the other CVs and called me immediately for the interview. It really worked well. Thank you, thank you!” (Registered Nurse)

Sarat R., Auckland - “I was made redundant recently but was able to land myself a new job within 3 weeks. I would like to thank you for your help and guidance - the recruiters were quite impressed by my CV. They commented on its format and how well it was written.” (Senior Business & Systems Analyst)

Colin T., Auckland - “I received a call re the CEO role, and they sent me the job description. I also had a call from Public Trust about the Head of Enterprise, Learning & Development role.” (National Training Manager)

Leon B., Wellington - Just letting you know that I got a fixed-term position at Te Kura as Student & Whanau Support Advisor. Thank you for all your help with getting my CV ready and writing such excellent cover letters. You’ve really taken the stress out of everything. I felt that my job experience wasn't very good, but you were able to highlight certain areas, mention skills that I didn't know I had and put a positive spin on things. Thank you so much, you're just really awesome!” (Administrator)

B.T., Auckland - “I just wanted to say thanks and provide some feedback.  Today I signed an offer from DSV Global Transport & Logistics as their Operations Manager. Thank you for your help!” (Operations Manager)

Lana S., Auckland - “I have been offered a part-time marketing role with an IT company in Albany and start in two weeks.  Thank you again for all your help and encouragement over the course of this job hunt. I will be recommending your services to my family and friends.”  (Marketing Specialist)

V.R., Hamilton - “I am very delighted to inform you that I have found a job as a 'Reticulation Technician' in Matamata-Piako District Council.  It is with great honour and appreciation, I would like to thank you for your help and support during this time. Thank you again.” (Graduate Civil Engineer)

M.F., Auckland - “I got a job as a Store Manager at Sylvia Park :). Thank you so much for the fantastic CV! For your amazing attitude, empathy and kindness!! You were brilliant!” (Store Manager)

S.S., Auckland - "I am happy to inform you that I have secured a job with MBIE.  It was a tough interview process involving 7 rounds of interview!!  My reference for your CV services will continue.  I believe you are the best in CV services."  (Immigration Officer)

A.W., Christchurch - “I hope you are well. I have some exciting news - I have been appointed Visiting Assistant Professor of Music/Director of Choral Activities at Westminster College, PA in the USA. I'm so excited and commence around 1 August. Thank you so much for your support :-).” (Choral Conductor)

Raj J., Wellington - “You made my CV, which was amazing, and I got a role at Freedom Furniture as a Sales Consultant.” (Sales & Marketing)

S.K., Auckland - “I have had two phone interviews and an online test for a job in Queensland.  I have also been offered the job in Christchurch, although my heart lies in the Queensland job. I have another interview on Tuesday with a third company.” (Trainer/Manager)

Jenny D., Auckland - “Got an interview on Friday for the Sherwin Williams Valspar role, thanks to your cover letter!!!! That’s 5 interviews out of 5 letters so far!” (Senior HR Generalist)

Marie W., Wellington - “After qualifying as a Lawyer, I immediately had a family and now that they are growing up, I was wanting to start my legal career in my late 30s. A daunting task. The great news is that the CV you prepared for me helped me get two legal roles and I am absolutely loving it.” (Lawyer)

Jenny N., Auckland - “The CV and cover letters work well - I have successfully secured an interview with Ernst & Young regarding the Senior Consultant role.” (Provisional Chartered Accountant)

N.D., Auckland - "One of our managers and his wife used your service and raved about you. He was recently made redundant and has 4 interviews already lined up. One of the employers said he's never seen such a good CV!!!" (National Operations Manager)

M.H., Waikato - “Good News, I have a job! I just wanted to thank you personally for the work you did for me over the Christmas break in putting together a fabulous CV and cover letters, this meant come January I could get stuck into applying for roles. Results from this included 3 job opportunities - I secured a temp role at GHD Engineering and I have been offered a permanent role.” (Office Administrator)

H.M., Auckland - "This is a miracle.  Of all the many CVs I sent out prior to this one, I got one interview in total - now I sent out the one that you have made to UNITEC and I got an interview!  Cannot believe it.  Thank you - you must have a magic touch."  (Senior Lecturer, Bioscience & Mathematics)

Amy H., Auckland - “I am glad to share with you that I gained two internship positions using my CV with your help. I very much appreciate your effort and time.” (Bachelor of Commerce Graduate)

T.V., Auckland - "I just wanted to let you know that I have just finished the first month at my new job.  The new CV has really helped - I got 3 job interviews immediately after receiving it."  (Digital Delivery Manager)

K.E., Hamilton - “I was super impressed with all your help with the cover letter for the School of Clinical Sciences research role (which I successfully secured by the way!)”. (Maori Research Fellowship)

A.S., Auckland - "Thanks again for your support.  I had an interview with Spark, was invited to a second interview, and have been offered the job.  I start next Monday."  (IT Fault Specialist)

Karan S, Auckland - "I am writing this to let you know that I have just secured my field job.  I would like to thank you for all your efforts.  I am completely satisfied with your CV service.  I will recommend your service further to a good friend as he will be starting his job search soon."  (Graduate Civil Engineer)

Angelica V, Auckland - “Just wanted to thank you for your support, it was a great help for me! I've got a new job with Uniservices - University of Auckland. I'll be working with the English Language Centre in the student services area. It's a good opportunity for me to enhance my administrative skills.” (Administrator)

Simone K., Auckland - “Update … I have a video interview tomorrow with the Equine tutor.  I am also one of three short listed for another job!” (Equestrian & Pet Store Owner)

Rhod C., Auckland - “Good news! I just want to let you now that I have landed a job ($115K annual). CV format and covering letter really made a difference.” (Structural Engineer)

S.D., Wellington - “Happy to let you know that I got a job with MBIE and shifted to Wellington this month. My sister-in-law requires your services for a CV and cover letter, she is a teacher.” (Procurement Specialist)

John G, Auckland - “I just wanted to thank you again for your work with my CV. I’m pleased to let you know that I have a position teaching English at Gleneagles College, Melbourne!!” (Senior English Teacher)

R.N., Auckland - "Just thought I would let you know I was offered the Director of Sales & Marketing role at a major Auckland luxury hotel yesterday.  A nice Christmas present!  Thanks again." (Sales & Event Manager)

Shankar P, Auckland - "It has been a wonderful response after getting my CV done by you.  I got placed at TVNZ through a recruitment agency.  Thank you so much for your help Linda!!"  (Accounts Payable)

Yana Y, Christchurch - “I am delighted to let you know that I have been offered a position with the NETP programme and was offered a job in the Ophthalmology Department with SDHB. Thank you very much for your help - the CV and cover letter you provided were just outstanding and I understand I was already chosen after my application and before the actual interview. I will recommend you to my friends who might be applying for ACE next year.” (Graduate Nurse)

Gemma K, Dunedin - "Utilising your CV services I managed to get an internship in New York, which is now where I am located!  Thank you for all your help."  (International Business Intern)

Claudia M, Christchurch - “I have been put through for the next stage of recruitment for Deloitte! I am beyond happy!! Thank you so much for your help, it has already made the biggest difference with even getting through to this stage, which I never have before!” (Graduate Lawyer)

H.R. Tauranga - "I had 2 interviews last week for the same position and have a further interview next week for another position.  With regards to the CV I received very good feedback from a recruitment agent with 24 years experience."  (Chartered Accountant)

Gail M, Auckland - “I can't thank you enough, I have an interview next Tuesday for the position of Lead Community Health Worker at Starship. I am so looking forward to the interview and it's all because you helped me. You’re doing wonderful work and worth every cent.” (Registered Nurse & Community Advocate)

Chris P., Dunedin - "I just wanted to pass on my thanks and appreciation.  I have just completed my second week in my new role with ACC.  I'm very grateful for the quick and professional service you provided.  My new resume produced!!  The importance of having a great resume that allows you to stand out from the crowd cannot be overestimated."  (Solution Analyst)

P.P., Auckland - "I would like to inform you that I have got a job in MIT.  Thank you for your support.  My CV which was drafted by you received much appreciation from employers and recruiters."  (Architect)

Kexuan L., Auckland - "One of my friends is searching for jobs in Auckland, and would like to find somebody to help her prepare a qualified CV.  You are the best CV writer I would like to recommend because an HR person said my CV is impressive (you wrote it for me)."  (Supply Chain Manager)

John J., Auckland - "I just want to let you know that I've received a request for an initial telephone interview from that first job I applied for with the new CV and cover letter. That's an excellent result after not getting any call backs until now. It's already been well worth it to have hired your services."  (Social Media Manager)

S.L., Palmerston North - "I got a call from Plant & Food - I got the job:).  I will start in two weeks.  Thank you so much for your help again!"  (Environmental Engineer)

Vipul M., Auckland - "Last month I managed to secure a contract opportunity with potential to become permanent in Auckland.  Last week they offered me a permanent role.  I am very stoked about it and want to thank you for all the effort you put in."  (Graduate Accountant)

Tracey M., New Plymouth - "I have a job – the ideal one. In fact I have two if I want them. Thank you so much for helping that work so smoothly."  (Digital Specialist)

Rajesh R., Auckland - "Thank you very much updating my CV and for the cover letters, I have been offered a new contracting role with Vodafone."  (Integration/Solution Architect)

Aakriti C., Auckland - "Wanted to update you about my job status.  I started a temp role at Genesis on Monday - I am very excited about this contract role."  (Business Administration)

N.C, Auckland - "My CV was in serious need of updating and refining.  After 14 years in the same job, I needed the expertise of a professional who could bring my CV back to life and something that I could be confident attaching to a job application.  I was so impressed with the CV Linda and the team created for me and believe it was a huge help in successfully securing the first job I applied for.  I highly recommend CVExpress for outstanding service and proven results." (Data Centre Operator)

G.A., Auckland - "Wanted to let you know that my wife got into a job and is starting on Monday. My brother in Australia also got a job and has started work about 15 days ago. Thanks for all the help.  I have referred a very good friend to you." (Senior Software Engineer | Head of Strategic Partnerships & Alliances)

D.K., Auckland - "I'd like to thank you for helping me with my CV and cover letters because I've been having much more success with work since you started helping me.  I started an internship in clinical trials at the end of last year and now I'm starting a paid job with the same company." (Medical Researcher)

Matt W., Wellington - “I did get a phone screening/interview call from GCSB!” (Team Leader)

V.A., Henderson - "I got the job at Hallensteins Brothers in Accounts Payable.  Thank you so much for your help, I don't think I could have found a job this quick without your help."  (Accounting)

W. Li, Christchurch - "I have had one interview with the Bank of China and waiting to have another one with Stamford Plaza, thank you very much for your help."  (Executive Assistant)

L.S., Auckland - "I have now been offered a position for Vision Stream.  I had applied using the new CV and had the interview on Monday, and offered the position today.  Thank you for making my CV look exceptional.  I went in feeling more confident knowing that the CV I had submitted was a great insight to what I could bring to the company." (Project Administrator)

D.M., Auckland - "Great news, heard back from Concur, the SAP entity, off to the 2nd round with the Hiring Manager next week." (Software Sales Specialist)

Austin S, Dunedin - "Thanks again for the cover letters.  I had an interview with Spark on Friday, and they have just phoned to invite me to a second interview."  (Claims Manager)

C.J., Auckland - "I got an interview for the job with Auckland Transport and was successful! I started in January and have been working for 3 months now.  Thank you so much, I wouldn't have been able to get the interview without your help." (Civil Engineer)

Amreen D, Auckland - "I just wanted to say a huge thanks for helping with my CV and cover letter.  I got the job I always wanted!!"  (Recruitment Specialist)

J.N., Auckland - "Good news!  I have an interview upcoming this Friday.  Thank you very much for getting such a nice CV for me."  (News & Fashion Editor)

J.G., Hamilton - "I'm pleased to tell you Carters have contacted me for an interview scheduled for this Friday." (Senior Manager)

Stephanie L, Christchurch - "I just want to give you an update on my application.  The company invited me for an interview on Thursday.  Thanks a lot for your support!"  (Environmental Geologist)

David M, Invercargill - "I have had a very prompt response (inside 2 hours) to arrange an interview on Friday morning." (Senior Sales Manager)

G.F., Upper Hutt - "I received an email that I have been shortlisted for the NZDF position. Due to the high calibre they are only interviewing 2 applicants.  Thank you very much for getting me this far - kind regards from a very grateful client."  (Team Leader/Officer)

A.G., Auckland - "Wanted to share the good news with you that our daughter has secured a job and begins tomorrow.  You have played no small part in her getting this job and so we thank you." (Marketing

W. Chen, Wellington - "I am writing to let you know that I have got a job offer recently.  I very much appreciate your help for reorganising my CV and providing valuable advice.  I wish more job seekers could get your help with their success."  (Electronics Engineer)

W.J., Christchurch - "I am impressed, it's a big improvement on my old CV.  I managed to find a job with the new CV and cover letter you created - thanks." (Finance & Commerce Specialist)

A.T., Wellington - "A quick update: Today I received my first invitation for a job interview; it's for the multicultural specialist position with Wellington City Council." (PhD in Linguistics)

Maureen A., Auckland - "I have big news!!  I have found a new job!  I am super excited!  I would like to thank you for all your assistance.  I am so glad I came across your website.  Your advice and expertise were crucial in me landing this role." (Administrator)

C.M., New Plymouth - "Just wanting to let you know I have gained a job in retail offering more money and more senior sales role with future management role ... thank you so much for your help, advice and support, I would never have won this job without this wonderful CV." (Sales Consultant)

Vaib P., Wellington - "The good news is that I got a Project Assistant position at BDO and got a Student Tutor job at EIT where I will give one to one tutorials to students for Advanced Management Accounting.  During the interview with BDO, they were very impressed with my CV and it's layout.  The CV also gets a lot of praises when I meet people at networking events etc." (Accounting & Business Management)

N.H., Auckland - "Just a quick email to let you know that I just secured a Mechanical Technician job with Fonterra.  They stated during the interview that my CV was very professional and comprehensive so thanks very much for assisting with that.  The interview techniques attachment you provided me was also very helpful in preparing for the interview." (Mechanical Technician)

R.R., & J.R., Russia - “We just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for your great work and for the quick turn-around time. It was an absolute pleasure working with you.” (Senior Creative Director & Accountant)

R.R., Napier - "I have got a job in my field, thank you for the CV and cover letter. I have used only one cover letter." (Business & Systems Analyst)

B.B., Auckland - "I wanted to let you know that I already have a job interview tomorrow – I used the first cover letter you did for me for another job application – got called up today and I’m going for an interview tomorrow.  Thanks for all of your efforts!" (Sales Manager)

R.M., Auckland - "I got a job at the TSB with the CV and letter you did for me." (Customer Service Officer)

Wendy S., Wellington - "I had an interview for the Plunket position on Monday.  I think it went really well." (Early Childhood Educator)

Paul A., Auckland - "I had an interview with three people from the first application I sent in with my new CV." (Art Curator)

B.B., Tauranga - "I got a job in Fiji for a company called Bula Coffee.  Also, the CV you completed for my sister in law at the end of last year was excellent - she applied for her first teaching job and got it straight away!" (Project Manager)

A.B., Auckland - "Telephonic interview went really well with Vista Entertainment and last Friday got an email from FNZ on their graduate position." (Web Developer)

N.H., Auckland - "I interviewed with Bravo yesterday for Sales & Event Manager role, and today with Switch Agency.  They had some great feedback on my CV and said that it was very well done - thank you for that!" (Senior Manager) 

H.B., Auckland - "Thank you very much for the first letters you have written for me.  I have secured an interview for the role advertised with AbsoluteIT."  (Risk Specialist)

Marie P, Auckland - "I am happy to tell you I handed in my resignation yesterday and I will be starting as HR Advisor at Youi insurance. I wouldn't have done this without your help, thank you very much!"  (HR Advisor)

C.S., Waikato - "Just letting you know I got a new job using my new CV!  Having my CV ready I was able to apply straight away - I applied on the Tuesday, met with the recruiter on the Wednesday, had the interview with the partners of the firm on Friday and was offered the job that afternoon. Thank you very much for your help."  (Attorney)

Wayne F, Auckland - "After not getting any response with my old CV, I'm so glad to let you know that after I submitted those job applications I got a call yesterday.  I had a brief interview over the phone and was invited to meet with them next week for another detailed face to face interview!  I believe that's because of your well prepared CV, and I really appreciate it." (General Manager)

Y.P., Auckland - "You made my CV 5 months ago - with that CV I got a job as a Support Worker and my visa has been extended for 2 more years.  Thank you so much for that."  (Support Worker)

F.T., Auckland - "Just wanted to say Thank You for your service.  I got the job and my Australian Work Visa approved yesterday.  I'll be moving to Australia in two weeks.  Thanks once again."  (Senior Sales Rep)

H.D., Auckland - "After I received my CV from you I applied and got loads of responses. I am happy to say I got a new job very quickly and start next week after my 4 weeks notice has been completed. Thank you for the good work on my CV."  (Data Analyst)

A.G., Auckland - "I landed a job with a company called MP Biomedicals and have been working with them for about a month now." (Senior Operations Manager)

K.V., Dunedin - "Wow, that letter you just did for me this morning worked!  Interview with the recruiter on Monday!  Thank you!"  (IT Service Manager)

G.F., Auckland - "I am getting a much better response from my CV - thank you.  I have an interview at 1pm Thursday." (Systems Engineer)

M.P., Wellington - "GOT THE JOB!!"  Thank you for everything you have done and I have already referred a couple of people to CVExpress."  (Regional Banking Manager)

T.W., Auckland - "Wanted to let you know that my son got a great job.  They had originally wanted a 3-year experienced person, but were sufficiently impressed to change the job spec.  There's no doubt that the great CV helped the success of his winning this role, so THANK YOU very much!"  (Arts Graduate)

Manan K, Saudi Arabia - "Thank you for the help with my CV, you will be glad to know that I have been able to get a job in Dubai as a Digital Marketing Associate.  Thank you again.  I have also recommended your services to one of my friends, please help him with your excellent services."  (Digital Marketing)

Dharm M, Christchurch - "I'd like to inform you that I got a phone call from Ford HR team, and shortlisted for personal interview next week.  Huge thanks for your perfect CV/cover letter."  (Senior Operations Manager)

Seng L, Auckland - "I am very happy with the CV and covering letters prepared by you.  The first letter to Consult has brought a meeting with the recruitment consultant."  (Assistant Accountant)

Luke S, Auckland - "I was offered the position with Waste Management and I start on the 15th May.  I only just applied and received a call the next day.  Thank you, much appreciated." (Compliance & Safety Officer)

 Phil M, Hamilton - "I got through and completed Stage 2 with the Customs job."  (Certified Builder)

H.N., Auckland - "I have a second interview for the sales position with Events Clothing next week, and this week I have an interview for the Sales & Events Manager role."  (Sales & Event Manager)

 E.M., Dargaville - "I got the Australian University Sport job you wrote the letter for!"  (Operations Manager)

Angie M, Auckland - "I just wanted to tell you that I got a new job as Assistant Food & Beverage Manager at Heritage Hotel.  It was a long process with 3 interviews but I made it!"  (Food & Beverage Manager)

Garry V, Dunedin - "Got an interview!  Tuesday 9am!  Fingers crossed!!"  (IT Service Delivery Manager)

L.S., Auckland - "Just wanted to let you know that I have got a job thanks to your efforts with my CV!  I got the Heinz-Watties job as an Activation Manager and will be starting next week.  I have recommended your services to some friends so hope they will be in touch with you soon."  (Brand & Marketing Manager)

Ann M, Ellerslie - "Just wanted to touch base and say thanks so much for the revamp of my CV.  The first two jobs I applied for with the new CV heralded job offers two days later on the same day!  Brilliant to get a job offer - even better to make a choice between two jobs.  Thanks for the professional result which obviously worked fantastically well."  (Senior Teacher)

David T, Auckland - "I got my first interview with Ezibuy this week after using the new CV written by you." (Web Software Developer)

N.S., Wellington - "It's with immense pleasure I would like to inform you that I will be joining a global IT organisation as a General Manager and leading one of their clients as Service Delivery Head in NZ.  I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the CVExpress team for their professional support.  Special mention goes to Linda for providing seamless support.  I strongly recommend CVExpress to anyone who is looking for professional guidance and follow up support with covering letters."  (IT Service Delivery Head)

Steve H, Hamilton - "A quick note and huge thank you - I had not had any response from my old CV.  Upon receiving my reworked CV I immediately sent out and applied for 6 great jobs.  The very next day the phone started to ring and appointments to attend.  By the end of the week I had two great job offers and am pleased to inform you that I start work for an awesome company on Monday doing exactly what I am trained for and passionate about doing."  (Senior Project Consultant)

V.H., Auckland - "Thank you for the letter and CV you did for me.  I got a job in Auckland AND had interview calls from TradeMe and Victoria University.  Extremely happy with the outcome :)."  (IT Analyst/Developer)

Maria P, Waikato - "I did an interview with Auckland Uni and also one in an engineering firm.  The CV is attracting some interest!"  (Human Resources Advisor)

N.C., Auckland - "Guess what?  I have been working in my dream job for a couple of months now and cannot thank you enough for your help."  (Marketing & Communications)

Karen M, Hamilton - "I had two interviews lined up, and have been offered one of the positions, so it went very well :)."  (Event & Project Manager)

A.H., Auckland - "I just wanted to send you a quick email to inform you about my exciting news!  I have accepted a teaching position for next year which I am very excited about!  I only had one cover letter done and secured a job before using the 5 letters!"  (Graduate Teacher)

Tanya S., Lynfield - "Thank you so much.  Got the job!  I'm in shock."  (Administrator)

Lauren B, Upper Hutt - "Thank you so much!!!  You've made me sound fantastic!!  And in result, I have just got a new job!!  I'm very impressed with your work :)."  (Barista/Duty Manager)

Teresa M, Sandringham - "I just want to say again thanks for everything.  You have been helping my friend as well and she mentioned the other day how amazing it was to have the stress taken off of job hunting from the help that you've given her."  (Administrator)

X.L., Auckland - "Thank you for giving me a brilliant CV, I have 2 phone interviews tomorrow."  (Civil Engineer)

L.K, Wairarapa - "I wanted to write and thank you again for your exceptional service.  I was made redundant from my job after 8 years and it was daunting putting myself out there again.  The new CV you wrote for me immediately made me feel much more confident and I sent it out to a few jobs and got a good one after only a few weeks.  Some people I worked with who were also made redundant took months to get a new job.  Your service is absolute top shelf and I recommend you without hesitation.  Best regards."  (Office Manager)

K.C, Auckland - "Great news!  I landed the job down in Wellington, the first one I applied for, just found out today.  The CV and cover letter worked wonderfully, so thank you very much."  (Administrator)

Vanessa S, Tauranga - "Just to let you know that my son sent his CV out to 4 jobs, one rang him yesterday and he went for an interview today and they have virtually offered him the job, just waiting on a referee check.  I am so pleased we contacted you and got his CV done.  Thank you so much."  (Mechanics/Tradesman)

Cris S, Auckland - "I got a Business Analyst job in Auckland so I really want to thank you for your comments and the layout of my new CV.  I have recommended your services to a friend."  (Business Analyst)

N.E., Hamilton - "I got the job at Spark! Thanks so much for all your help and advice!"  (Manager)

C.E., Tauranga - "Well - my new CV and the first letter you wrote has scored me an interview!  They have just emailed me requesting that I attend an interview."  (Law Enforcement)

C.W., Auckland - "By the way, I got a job interview last week for one of the first letters you did for me.  I used the CV format you gave me.  I think it is a really good start."  (Laboratory Technologist)

Kate C, Wellington - "So I heard back from NZ Racing about the first application I sent in and they have decided I would be more suited to another position they have going, and are considering me for that one."  (Accounting & Administration)

Julia M, Christchurch - "Wow this looks AHHMAZING!  I needed my CV to start gaining me interviews - I had one done by another company and I just didn't think it was very good and I was hoping you could turn it around for me.  I appreciate your help so much!"  (Management & Marketing)

P.C., Napier - "I have a job interview this Thursday for a position I applied for 9 days after I got my new CV, with an organisation that works with people with special needs.  I've also had interviews with two other companies and very much appreciate all you have done."  (Supervisor Disability Services)

Brent I, Hamilton - "I received an email the day following my application and had an interview yesterday followed by an email advising I have been shortlisted, so all looking good."  (Insurance/Finance Specialist)

Fiona B, Upper Hutt - "Thought you might like to know I got an interview for the second job I applied for and I just found out that I got the job!  Thank you!"  (Sales & Customer Services)

A.Z., Auckland - "Everything looks great, what a transformation from my old CV - this one has the wow factor. Thank you very much, very professional."  (Senior Manager)

Dan A, Auckland - "I've been out of the workforce for a while and having no success with my old CV.  My new CV not only looks amazing, but I applied for 3 jobs and got interviews for all of them."  (Regional Manager)

Gary P, Auckland - "Letting you know I have an interview for the second job I applied for."  (Snr Sales Rep)

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