We stand behind our work - if you are not gaining interviews once you receive your new CV (after reasonable testing in the market), we want to know.  Our primary goal is to help you into an exciting new role and it is important for both you and us to determine why you are not successful - as we do not have control over the application process and there are multiple factors involved when applying for new roles (such as CV, cover letter, experience, submission requirements, meeting role criteria, internal promotions, qualifications, more suitable applicants, location), we require impartial confirmation that the CV is the reason for lack of success. If you can provide written feedback from a Recruiter that you were unsuccessful in securing an interview due to your CV not being of a professional standard, we will issue a full refund.  In the event you cannot produce written verification, we will honour our guarantee to work with you until you achieve results with your new CV.

Dispute Resolution - we are very willing to work through any issues that may arise.  Please be confident to approach us calmly and politely.  We work with a leading NZ Business Consultant who advises us on legal requirements and manages our Quality Control.  We will strive to deal with you fairly, reasonably and with integrity at all times and resolve any disputes quickly and in compliance with the Consumer Guarantees Act.



We commit to ensuring that any and all personal or other information you send us is secure.  We will never share any aspect of your information with a third party. 

CVExpress respects your right to privacy and has stringent policies and procedures in place to ensure that all personal information collected is handled sensitively, confidentially and securely.